Arousing V-Steam/Perineal Bath Herbs

Arousing V-Steam/Perineal Bath Herbs

An herb blend specifically formulated to assist low libido while enhancing sensual intensity. Four teabags per package. 

*Do NOT steam while pregnant or menstruating. Please refer to the  "Yoni Steam" section of webpage before purchasing the herbs. 


    Contains organic herbs: rose petals, lemon peel, nettle leaf, peppermint,  damiana, muira puama, ashwagandha, white peony and Irish moss in biodegradable teabags for clean up convenience. 4 teabags total. One teabag can be used up to 2 times. Simply steep the bag and remove from pot before sitting over and steaming. Refrigerate in a covered container, preferably glass. Use within of 2 days of initial steep. 


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